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6 Best Vocal Remover App Online

There are hundreds of programs available online that specialize in vocal removal. Finding the best vocal removal software online can be a challenge and many searches can leave you feeling overwhelmed. As an amateur myself, searching for software that could help me curate the perfect karaoke track, I often found myself put off by the pure number of options.

I created this list to help you find the best vocal removal software for your needs. No matter your experience level, if you’ve ever tried to separate vocals from an instrumental track, you understand how difficult it can be. With dedicated vocal removal software, the power is in your hands and the simplicity of it all will begin to show itself.


№1 EasySplitter

Bugs-free and easy to move around with, the EasySplitter vocal remover app offers users an incredible amount of mobility. EasySplitter is a fantastic program with many of the best features found in other top brands, but all available on your phone. The mobile app is fantastic and much better than many full browser versions of competing vocal removal software online.

Specs and Features

DJs, singers, musicians, composers, songwriters, and anyone who has even a toe in the music industry should be ready to benefit from this fantastic software. It includes a surprising amount of extra features that make music mixing and post-production simple for everyone. Genuine quality and fantastic mobility are my favorite features of EasySplitter.

As far as pricing goes, you’re not going to find a better price for such an incredible program. There are many different payment options so that anyone who wants the program can have it. You can pay per song, anywhere from $5 on for five lite-version songs to $16 for 20 vocal remover pro songs. Subscription plans range from $5.99 per month to $305 per year for the full, professional version.

There’s really not much missing from EasySplitter. Most of the features they offer are perfect for anyone looking to sound mix and produce music on their own. The quality is incredible and the vocal removal is simple.


I can recommend EasySplitter for sure. It’s an amazing software that is able to easily and seamlessly remove any vocal track from instrumentals. The mobility is amazing and the overall quality of the AI is perfect for anyone – professional to amateur.


✔️ User-friendly iOS and Android App
✔️ Offers much more than just vocal removal
✔️ Can separate 2 STEMs or 4 STEMs
✔️ Fast processing speed
✔️ Files History is available


❌ Not as detailed as other programs

2. Vocal Remover Pro

With over 13 years of experience and 3.5 million satisfied customers, Vocal Remover Pro is a force to be reckoned with. This fantastic software allows you to remove vocals from any song via the simple upload and split process. The real selling point of Vocal Remover Pro is its simplicity. It’s a vocal remover app to the purest extent and makes the process easy for everyone.

Specs and Features

Vocal Remover Pro is one of the best vocal removers online for karaoke making with its simple vocal separation and instrumental isolation technology. For a free product to offer such dependable services is rare, but Vocal Remover Pro ensures that the vocals are completely removed from the instrumentals for the perfect karaoke experience.

You can have all of these exciting and dependable features for free! They offer a free and a paid-for version so that people of all experience and professional levels can receive the amazing services they offer. The full version is only $19.99 and offers an incredible array of services not found in the free one.

Though simplicity is key with this online vocal remover and free is quite enticing, I highly recommend looking into the pro version. The added features are incredible and the dependability of the service is boosted. Faster speeds, mulit-file use, unlimited access, and an easy to understand interface are all well within your grasp.


Simplicity is the selling point of this vocal separation service as even the most in-depth version of it ensures that anyone can use it. Vocal Remover Pro is a fantastic service that is designed for the amateur and professional alike. If you’re looking for a dedicated karaoke maker, then this is the service for you.


✔️ Easy to use and simple to navigate
✔️ A dependable and effective karaoke maker
✔️ Free to try and easy to afford


❌ Basic vocal separation software without too many added features

3. PhonicMind

PhonicMind takes a much more detailed approach to the same process as Vocal Remover Pro. Many vocal separation software limits you to the number of tracks you can separate. PhonicMind broadens your abilities by enabling the separation of vocals, instrumentals, bass, drums, and anything else it can pick up within a specific song.

Specs and Features

I love how thorough PhonicMind is when it comes to track separation. As I was testing their service, I was shocked at how simple yet dependable this app was. I was able to easily splice a decently unknown song into vocals, instrumentals, drums, and bass without fail. There was no bleed from one track to the other, just four separate tracks.

The way that pricing for this instrumental maker works is through bundles. Users purchase a bundle that offers them a certain number of songs that they can play around with and splice. The cheapest option is $3.99 for one song, or you can go with the $29.79 package for 20 songs.

Pricing can be a bit confusing and is honestly quite expensive, but for the quality of the service that you’re getting, I’d say it’s well worth the tag. This is a fantastic program that lets you separate vocals from music online with ease. The thorough nature of each separation is stunning and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure quality is appreciated.


Though the prices can be annoying, I cannot recommend this vocal remover app enough. It’s one of the best vocal remover apps I’ve had the pleasure to test and offers a wide range of uses. Whether you’re looking for a quality DJ music maker or a dependable karaoke maker, PhonicMind has you covered.


✔️ Allows you to split any song into four separate tracks
✔️ Uses AI to ensure quality
✔️ Eliminates track bleed


❌ Pricing bundles can be difficult to understand

4. AudioAlter

First and foremost, AudioAlter is vocal isolation software. It allows users to easily separate vocals from the rest of the song and then store it as a file for later use. Many mp3 vocal remover apps limit users to the mp3 file type. AudioAlter allows users to save files as mp3, WAV, FLAC, and OGG.

Specs and Features

You’re getting a high-quality vocal remover for completely free. This program doesn’t run ads to clients, it doesn’t ask for donations or subscriptions, and it offers everything to you for free.

Much like Vocal Remover Pro, the real selling point of this software is the simplicity of it all. AudioAlter prides itself on how easy they are to use with their drag and drop method of splitting. In a matter of seconds, I was able to enter their site, select the song, and split the audio. In less than a minute, my file was downloaded and saved to my computer.

One pain point with AudioAlter is its dependability. It doesn’t work on every song – mono-track songs will not be easily separated with this service. If the overall audio quality of the song is poor, then it won’t be able to separate the tracks. With that being said, the vast amount of features available with this service are well worth a few poorly split tracks.


From the quality vocal separation AI to the vast amount of extra options available for free, AudioAlter has made quite the name for itself. If you’re looking for an incredible online vocal remover software as well as a dependable post-production program for $0, then AudioAlter is the vocal removal software for you.


✔️ Fantastic post-production and music mixing capabilities
✔️ Simple to use vocal separation software
✔️ Completely free to use


❌ Some tracks will be difficult to separate

5. Izotope RX 8

This program is so much more than your basic vocal remover. It offers incredible post-production capabilities and music mixing options that rival that of studio equipment. Many vocal removers are just that – a software that separates vocals and acts as an instrumental maker online. RX 8 is so much more and all for a relatively low price tag.

Specs and Features

I’ve never been one for post-production or content creation, but RX 8 makes it simple so that even I can understand. The extra features available with RX 8 – spectral recovery, guitar de-noising, music rebalance, etc. – are incredible and easy to use. RX 8 works you through every detail of their services to ensure that even an amateur like myself can easily mix music and create a quality song.

As far as pricing goes, RX 8 is one of the most expensive on this list. However, with the quality and quantity of their services, it’s a well-priced program. Their basic service is $129 and their full option is up to $1,199. Again, that number can be quite staggering, but with that subscription, you’re getting one of the best music mixing and post-production services online.

Their vocal removal software is dependable, but it’s easily outshone by their post-production and content creation services. This is certainly a great issue to have, but I would like if their vocal remover software was promoted higher on their website. It’s easy to be intimidated by RX 8, but trust me, they’re well worth your time.


I reserve my recommendation of this service for those of you who are looking to make a career out of music production. The quality of the RX 8 content creation services is well worth the investment, but if you’re simply looking for a vocal remover, I’d stick with a cheaper program. With that being said, this is one of the most well-priced post-production software services I’ve ever seen.


✔️ Incredible post-production capabilities
✔️ Amazing vocal removal software
✔️ Professional software with industry-standard services


❌ Not affordable for the amateur karaoke enthusiast

6. Edit Your Audio

And now we’re back to the joy of simplicity with this amazing program. Edit Your Audio ensures that anyone who wants to can easily learn how to remove vocals from a song. It offers a simple three-step service that enables you to convert any song into a separate piece. You can upload a file from your computer, or link a video from YouTube with ease.

Specs and Features

With up to 30MB of space available at any one time, Edit Your Audio puts vocal removal in your hands with their easy-to-use service. You don’t need to be an expert to understand this program as the software handles a majority of the process behind the scenes. If vocal removal isn’t the only thing you’re looking for, Edit Your Audio might cover your needs with their extensive collection of additional features. They offer a quality karaoke maker, instrumental maker, and acapella generator.

There are two versions of Edit Your Audio that are available to you right now. They offer a free version that grants users up to three songs per day and one YouTube upload. The paid-for version, for $9.99, offers unlimited songs and uploads as well as priority queue and five band split.

I will admit that I was disappointed by how limited the free version of the service was. It performs better than most free options which justifies the pricing, but still left some to be desired. Overall, it’s a fantastic service that is sure to please as it easily and seamlessly separates vocals from your audio.


Regardless of my issues with the limited free version, this is certainly one of the best vocal removers online that I’ve seen. Many free apps limit you to three songs a week, so the three-song limit every day can be quite generous. I highly recommend this service for anyone that’s working via YouTube or looking to launch a music career on that platform.


✔️ Offers much more than just vocal removal
✔️ Great for YouTube uploads
✔️ Can separate 2 STEMs or 4 STEMs


❌ The free version is quite limited

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for a dedicated vocal remover, there are a few features that you should consider. The first feature that is important to look for in a program is quality. This sounds quite generic, but it can be rather precise – if a program is known for track bleeding and leaving certain vocals in the instrumental track, then it’s time to look for a new program. This is usually a quick tell of whether or not the software is quality.

The second feature that I always look for is what extras a program has. This is by no means a selling point – if a software doesn’t have extra features, that doesn’t automatically exclude it from my search. In fact, for some options, the lack of extra features is what makes me interested in it. Searching for extra features in a product is simply a way to designate what the program will be used for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the output file format?

A majority of vocal removing software will export your audio file as an mp3.

How long are files stored?

This depends on the program you use, but most of the ones listed offer free continued storage.

Do subscription plans offer refunds?

Again, this will come down to the specific program, but most will refund you if you cancel before a certain time.

How does one upload a song?

For some of the programs, it’s as simple as dragging the song file and dropping it in the separator. For others, you might have to upload the song and add a filter. Either way, it’s incredibly easy.


Finding the perfect vocal removal software for your needs is all about what you intend to use the program for. If pure vocal removal is all you need – karaoke mixing, instrumentals, etc. – then an affordable program with limited features will be best for you. However, if you’re more into sound mixing and post-production work, then dependable and professional software will be better suited for you.

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